Commercial, architectural and remote capture

We capture photography in many innovative ways, including our aerial work and our time-lapse specialism. We also carry out standard commercial and architectural photography.

But another specialism for which we truly lead the way is remote event capture. We are the pioneers and the only company (as far as we know) with the systems, know-how and ability to do this.

Our own unique and innovative method

Using only full-frame, professional DSLR cameras, we can capture live and secure images from anywhere in the world, 365 days of the year.

Our unique camera systems can be discreetly mounted in any arena, sports stadia or festival to capture live the event or entertainment in both JPEG and RAW format. We control every setting remotely – thanks to our secure 3G routing systems – and upload images as they are taken to a dedicated server and special online viewer.

Pan, zoom and view Ultra HD quality images or share them with your publics. We can even transform still images into stunning and unique time-lapse videos – both periodically and for special events.

It is like having a professional photographer present at your venue 24/7, for an absolute faction of the cost!

Case study: Royal Albert Hall

We operate a bespoke, remote event camera system at the Royal Albert Hall, which is discreetly custom mounted. With managed capture we can cover any of the venue’s 400+ annual events for archive purposes.

All of the events require bespoke capture to suit the circumstances, lighting conditions and action, producing the best images possible. Constantly monitoring the camera system and controlling the settings remotely, we react in real-time to capture ‘live’ the ever changing environment.

Staff at the Royal Albert Hall can then view both the images we capture on a custom viewer, as well as accessing JPEG and RAW images on demand from a server we provide.

We even put together a time-lapse sequence for the Hall from the images. This has over 80,000 YouTube hits and has been featured in the national press.

Click here to watch “An Incredible Year in the Life of the Royal Albert Hall”.

“We wanted to capture a high-quality review of a year in the life of the Royal Albert Hall. Hideaway Studios Group offered a quality and personal service with competitive pricing and the results were amazing.”

– Jessica Silvester, Senior Marketing & Press Manager at the Royal Albert Hall

WATCH: "An Incredible Year in the Life of the Royal Albert Hall"


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